The “other six days” is more to us than just a tag line, it’s a way of life. We love coming together as a body of believers on Sunday mornings to worship and to be discipled through God’s word, but church was never meant to be “an hour on Sunday” box that we check off our list. When you read about the earliest Christians in the book of Acts, you see a group of people whose lives were radically changed by the truth of the gospel. They fed the poor, they cared for the orphan and the widow, and they were passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ - many of them even unto death. For them, their faith was never about Sundays, it was always about “the other six days.”

At The Factory serving others will always be our mandate. We believe Jesus Christ made it clear in Matthew chapter 25 that we should give the thirsty something to drink, to clothe the naked, and to visit the prisoner. Through our Compassion Team, we give you lots of ways that you can be involved in serving others in our church body, locally in our community, and globally. That’s why you’ll frequently hear the challenge… “Whatcha gonna do, the other six days?”