Discipleship Groups

A disciple is a student and we cannot know about our God without studying His word. Our Discipleship Group curriculum is designed to help you really dig in and meet the God who loves you, who wants the very best for your life, and wants to have a meaningful relationship with you. Our fall semester runs from September through December, and Spring runs from February through May, with a Mini-Semester and shortened schedule during the summer months. The ladies group meets at the church on Monday evenings, and the men meet on Tuesdays. The curriculum for both men and women is the same, so you can study during the week on your own or with your spouse.

One Year Bible Reading

We don’t believe that true discipleship is a Sunday only activity. How can you truly be a student or follower of anything in one hour a week? That’s why every year we read through the bible together from start to finish as a church family. We want you to know God’s story, and His plan for us in context. Our reading plan includes daily scriptures from the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Psalms and Proverbs. If you’ve never read through the entire bible, we encourage you to jump in with us today.