Nick and Amy James

Youth Group Co-Leaders

Nick and Amy first met at a youth-group lock-in in 2003. Seven years later, long after they had become tightly knit family friends, they fell in love. In a little cabin during the pouring rain, they exchanged vows before God and the most intimate of their friends in 2014 and made it their goal to have the most beautiful God-centered marriage, inspiring others to do the same.

With Amy by his side, Nick started serving as a Youth Pastor the same year they started dating, 2010. Nick graduated Reinhardt University in 2013 with a specialization in youth ministry and religious studies. Nick and Amy joined The Factory in 2016 and have been serving in the middle and high school student ministries since.

Together they have bounced babies, chased toddlers, developed true theatrical skills with elementary aged kiddos, served both middle and high school students and mentored college aged adults. What captures their hearts within student ministry is seeing true change in students’ lives- something that happens in the in between of going from a complete mess to a follower of God.

Outside of church, you’ll find Nick cultivating relationships with men and kids over projects like building cars and you’ll find Amy supporting inner city women and girls throughout their pregnancies. Nick loves jeeps, Amy loves yoga. They play off each others’ strengths and are a match literally made (and ordained) in Heaven!